FABulous Sunburst Clutch

Today I am showcasing the beautiful Sunburst Clutch by FABulous Home Sewn (link to blog, which links to shop to purchase). Here, I have sewn a very basic version as my daughter claimed it


The pattern features a zipper pocket, a ring or swivel clip inside for your keys and a removable wrist strap, all of which I have omitted on this one. And the hero, well, just look at the flap, no wonder the name Sunburst was chosen.


A magnetic closure helps keep all your goodies safe and sound inside.

This cute little clutch can be jazzed right up for a date night with your love where you can store your lippy, or it can be stunningly simple for everyday use.

This pattern is so well written, I feel it is a great starting point for beginners who wish to make their own. Make sure to pop over and join the Facebook group FABulous Home Sewn Patterns and show off any clutches or bags you make or if you need some help, a great bunch of people ready to offer any and all advice.

So a massive big thank you to Fenna for the privilege of testing for you and awesome pattern



Lorelei Jayne bag relaunch

I know, I know, it’s been ages since I posted, so to make up for it, I’ll do a few this coming week. Starting with Lorelei Jayne’s Little Girls Handbag.

This was such a pleasure to make and so easy! If your interested in making one yourself pop on over to Lorelei Jayne for the pattern pieces and tutorial. So without further ado, here are mine:


For this little beauty, I used some left over fabrics I had from making a strip skirt. I think it turned out well, and Miss A is definitely a fan.


She is a proud little chicken when we go shopping and she carries her bag with Peppa Pig and George, one or two of her fairy dolls and her purse.


If your a fan of my Facebook Page, Dribble Pots and All Things Tots you may have seen I had a little (and I mean little) giveaway available to enter just in time for Christmas. Well, I had no doubt in my mind what I would make for the giveaway, this little handbag is just perfect. And paired with some awesome unicorn fabric, I felt I was on a winner! So here it is:


Now bear in mind, this was a gift and as yet I don’t have any more pictures to flash at you, so this one will have to do, sorry. But I will leave you with one more pic of Miss A and her delicious handbag, so hop to it and have a happy sew!


Pimp that Pattern by Little Kiwi’s Closet


Welcome to day 2 of Little Kiwi’s Closet Pimp that Pattern blog tour. I chose to pimp out the Romper pattern, as best as I could. Sometimes, I think my imagination has more faith in my skills 😆but I think I’ve done my imagination proud.

As always, the pattern is so well written, with  endless possibilities and options. Honestly, Lydia goes above and beyond with each of her patterns and makes sure that even a beginner will have an awesome finished outfit.

I went a little overboard with making these great outfits, but we are coming in to summer in Australia so I figured my little Miss could do with some nice additions to her wardrobe. The first one I let her pick the fabric, she has acquired her mummy’s love of poka dots. And I just had to add a bit of lace to it. This one I didn’t do too much to alter it as I wanted to keep it simple and let the fabric show off the pattern. So I only added the lace trim to the flutter sleeves, pockets and at the bottom of the legs, which were shortened to accommodate the lace.


This girl refuses to do anything or go anywhere without her dolls, I may just have to make them matching outfits.


She is way too active to bribe and get nice posed photos!

My second outfit, I wanted to show our crazy side, so Miss A and I picked a rainbow chevron. This time, it was all about colour and how much I could inject into the outfit. Then just as I was falling asleep (like every other time) I had an idea to pinch the pockets off the Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Bubble Shorts (also one of Lydia’s patterns). Sadly, once again my skills let my imagination down, but Miss A still loves the end results.


Ok, so sometimes she will pose, but never far from one of her dolls.


I used bias binding on the edges of the flutter sleeves, another way to add colour. This one is my favourite out of the 3 I did (yes I did warn you I went overboard).


As you can see here, the poofy pockets from the Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Bubble Shorts that I attempted. Miss A says they are still perfect.

My final number is dedicated to Christmas time and I tried to keep it simple, but honestly, I love lace (if I haven’t told you already)


This one has short sleeves with the lace trim. I realised, this girl needs outfits that help protect her precious skin from our intense sun.

I lengthened the shorts and added in satin (yep, another crazy idea) as the pockets. I’m really happy with how it turned out, even if I did sew with satin in 38 degree heat, such a bad combination.


Yep, you guessed it, more lace around the pockets! Sadly, Miss A was getting a little annoyed with mummy wanting half decent photos, so instead we get photos of her playing with her dolls (again).
Don’t forget to pop over to Craftsy for 30% off the pattern. You can link up with the start of the tour over at Lydia’s blog here and here are the links for the rest of the blog tour:

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Peachy Dress & Playsuit Review

Let me start by saying I am sorry for being MIA for a while there, blogging life has had to take a back seat to family life for a while. But, I think we are back with a bang, this dress is just awesome (if I may toot my own horn a bit).

So let’s start at the top. The Peachy Dress & Playsuit pattern is by Felicity Sewing Patterns and can be purchased here. Stephanie is absolutely fantastic, I made a bit of a boo boo and emailed her to double check what I had done. Within 15 minutes I had a reply. Then family life took priority.


Just one of the reasons blogging has been delayed

I finally found a chance to sit down and keep going, only problem was, my bodice and flutter sleeves that were sewn up had grown legs, got up and ran away. So I cut it out again, ready to sew, and what do you know, no boo boo this time (Yippee). Now, I am a visual learner, so the more photos in a tutorial the better for me. And that’s how I made my boo boo to start with. I didn’t read it properly. In the tutorial, (as with just about every pattern I own) the designer is basically making the item with you, so their photos are going to show the actual fabrics used. Which is great for taking photos, but not necessarily when said photos are for a tutorial. So my advice here, read, read, read and read it again, so you get the tricky parts broken down to where you will understand.


Yep, it's trampoline suitable

So, this pattern has an INSANE amount of options. Flutter sleeves, neck ruffles, basic dress. Oh and can’t forget the Playsuit options, the list goes on and I really feel the options are only limited by your imagination. With so many options I was relived to see the pattern layout for individual options, everything is labelled well.

Having so many options isn’t such a bad thing, but, when having to jump backwards and forwards in the tutorial can make it confusing. I wasn’t a big fan of having to go back towards the start of the tutorial to join the skirt and bodice together. BUT I do understand why it has been set out this way. This certainly won’t be stopping me from making more of these fantastic dresses or even a few playsuits for my daughter.


The photos included in the tutorial are so clear, for the most part, just for the visual learners like me and the lack of mathematics was also a plus.
The sizes are spot on for my Miss A, bit of growing room but not enough to make it look like she is swimming in it.

All in all, this pattern is wonderfully written, alot of care has been taken to make sure any sewing level has a chance. But if there are any hiccups, I am sure Stephanie will be there to help, along with everyone else who has made a Felicity Sewing Patterns outfit. Oh and I can’t believe I have left the best bit till last,¬† Felicity Sewing Patterns are based right here in Australia, so now we have something else to brag about. Now I’ll leave you with a few more pictures of Miss A being a typical 2.5year old.

Happy sewing.



*Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by Felicity Sewing Patterns.*

Photo Stealing, My Turn

As I am sure many of you are aware, there are people out in the world wide web who save photos and claim them as their own.

Sadly, I have now been targeted. And for me the betrayal has hit quite close to home. You never think it will be a family member that steals your photos and claims them as their own, but that is exactly what happened to me.

I have a small sewing business/hobby and frequently post photos on my personal Facebook Page, just to have a little brag to friends and family, especially the ones I don’t see on a regular basis. I don’t usually watermark these photos, as they are ones with my kids in and never thought it would matter. Now what this person did to me was a little mean, especially seen as they know I help contribute to our family wage by selling my sewn goodies.

This person saved MY photo to their computer, then uploaded it to facebook as their own, asking if anyone could make the item for them for $10, as the pair they had were now to small and wanted more. They even said it was a picture they had taken this morning. My price for the item was $30. Now the pattern on its own was $10 then the cost of fabric and my time to construct said item, it all cost money. Now I was a little lucky in that the fabric I had on hand was given to me by my late grandmother, so for this item I didn’t add too much to the cost due to not having to purchase fabric.

So today’s lesson, sadly is, trust nobody, watermark every single photo, even if it is just your name, a nick name, anything that identifies the photo as your photo. And if you discover someone has pinched your photo on Facebook, report it as that is your property and no one has the right to steal your property. EVER.

But let’s not dwell on it, it is done, it won’t happen again. Later today I will be showing off a new item for my little Miss A that I will hopefully add to my Facebook page soon. In the meantime, check out an awesome Australian pattern designer, Bobkin Designs, though Facebook, their own website and Etsy.
Enjoy and Happy Sewing

Elegance and Elephant’s Free Pattern

So some time ago I was travelling the internet for patterns to sew up and I came across Elegance and Elephant’s Free Pleated Playsuit pattern, which you can download from here. I have to say, I really liked how it turned out and it was such a quick sew for me although between 3 kids, it did take all day from first cut to final stitch.


Ohhhh lala

I had never sewn pockets before and was a little bit concerned about how I would do it. But the directions are so simple and easy to understand. And as you can see, it all came together quite well (if I may toot my own horn). My little Miss A likes it to, pockets and All, perfect for adventure time with her big brother and collecting rocks and sticks.


Ready for an adventure

I plan to make a few of these to fill my daughter’s summer wardrobe but in the meantime here are a few more pictures of this morning’s shoot.


Pretty in pink


Had enough, want to go play now


Mum, enough already hehehehe

Fee free to add your pictures and follow us on Flickr over here, can’t wait to see you.
Happy Sewing

Bags, bags and more bags

So a couple of months ago I discovered Swoon Sewing Patterns and now I am addicted. I have participated in 2 bag swaps hosted on their Facebook group. And now with the latest release of the awesome Glenda, there is another swap. And the theme you ask, well is Glamour Glenda, using poka dots, stripes or solids.

Here are some examples from Swoon’s website (none of these are my pictures). are you in love as much as I am?


So now I am torn, I love purple


But then I love pastels


But of course purple and gold go so well together


You can see my dilemma, but that’s ok, I have plenty of time to decide. But if you want to purchase the Glenda and make your own beautiful bag, pop on over here (affiliate link)
Don’t forget to stick around to see what I come up with and please feel free to share your amazing creations with me. Happy Sewing