Well as you can tell, today is the start of this venture into the blogging world. So let me introduce myself. My name is Kylie and and I am a stay at home mum to 3 sometimes beautiful kids, sometimes monsters, but I love them either way.
A couple of weeks ago Alex, my eldest started kindy. I was so full of mixed emotions. Happy and excited for my big boy growing up, sad, because my baby boy was growing up,  way to quickly. So far he is loving it, meeting new friends, learning new skills.


First day of Kindy

The down side to Alex starting kindy, is his little sister Amelia missing out on playing with her big brother all day. Although she is loving the extra time with mummy 😉 Amelia is still to young to head to school yet, but she is one smart cookie that’s for sure.


Amelia, my Lil model

And the baby of the family is little Connor, 6 months old and having a hard time with teething.


Connor, learning to walk

 Aside from being a mum, I also have a small hobby/business sewing all things related to kiddies. I currently only have a Facebook Page, which you can find here.

I would like to thank you for stopping by and reading. I will do my best to write everyday to share with you my sewing adventures. I have meet some amazing designers whom have allowed me the privilege of testing for them and I will share with you both the designer’s patten store, my review and pictures.

Please come back and check out my next post, my very first patten test for Little Kiwis Closet , the Briar tunic.

Happy Sewing


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