My first Pattern Test

I was so excited when I was chosen to test Little Kiwis Closet Briar Tunic/Top. You can buy the pattern here. I had so many fabric choices floating around in my head I couldn’t decide. Until I found pink chevron! Oh my, finding that fabric started an obsession (which is a story for another day).

When it comes to testing patterns for designers, you have to remember, you are testing EVERYTHING about the pattern. That includes checking instructions are easy to understand, no spelling or grammar mistakes, pattern pieces print out according to specifications, ie the test box included prints out to the measurement used by the designer. You are also checking that the finished item fits the desired size.

So enough of that, let’s check out the patten!

I was asked to to do size 12-18month, perfect for Miss A.


Briar Tunic

Sadly Miss A was not in the mood to model, all she wanted to do was play. But the Briar Tunic is perfect for playing and going out. My favourite bit about this patten is the paper bag style.


Briar Tunic

I have since made 2 more of these awesome tops, using different fabrics to highlight the best bits. Here are a couple more photos of Miss A in her Briar Tunic’s


More Chevron


More cranky model


Lace love

This last one, I have to credit the use of lace to my hubby, he suggested it, and so glad I listened, it looks amazing.

Happy Sewing


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