Sewing Adventures

Sadly my adventures have so far been very limited, with each of the 3 kids taking it in turns to get sick. Last night was an eye opener for sure. We are lucky to live somewhere that has an after hours doctor call out and for kids, it’s covered under our Medicare System. So last night, so we called one, just to put bot mine and hubby’s mind at ease with our eldest after he developed a very serious cough.

All horrible thought were going through my mind while we waited for the doctor to arrive. Does he have whooping cough? What about the other kids, will they be ok? But all was made ok once that angel with a medical bag arrived he confirmed Alex did not have whooping cough, he in fact had croup. Still serious, but thankfully not serious enough to see my big baby go to hospital.

So this week’s sewing adventures will have to wait so I can be the best Mummy I can to my 3 monsters whom I love to death.

Happy Sewing


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