Bags, bags and more bags

So a couple of months ago I discovered Swoon Sewing Patterns and now I am addicted. I have participated in 2 bag swaps hosted on their Facebook group. And now with the latest release of the awesome Glenda, there is another swap. And the theme you ask, well is Glamour Glenda, using poka dots, stripes or solids.

Here are some examples from Swoon’s website (none of these are my pictures). are you in love as much as I am?


So now I am torn, I love purple


But then I love pastels


But of course purple and gold go so well together


You can see my dilemma, but that’s ok, I have plenty of time to decide. But if you want to purchase the Glenda and make your own beautiful bag, pop on over here (affiliate link)
Don’t forget to stick around to see what I come up with and please feel free to share your amazing creations with me. Happy Sewing


Excuses are everywhere

I am so sorry for being MIA we had a very beautiful birth in our family (hell no, not me lol) and everyone has being ooohhhhing and ahhhhhing over the little princess, she is very precious and I can’t wait to show you some pictures.

In the meantime, I have been working away at a little challenge given to me by Fabric Fusion and Sarah Lauren called #ribbonandremnantchallenge. You can see more details on both their pages linked above if you are interested in following all involved.


What we have to work with

Have a fantastic week, it’s almost the weekend